Pandemonium In Church As Ordination Service Turns Soar…Pastors Exchange Blows


The yet to be sorted out issues involving the Qua Oboe Church would be said to be far from over as the ordination service that was scheduled to take place today at 112 Ikot Ekpene road turned soar as Elders and Deacons of the Church turned the pulpit into a battle field.

Our source who was inside the church during the ugly incident informed our Reporter that the ordination of Elders by the Resident Pastor, Ibup Emma did not go down well with the rest of the Elders as they vehemently opposed raising their voice even while service was ongoing, thereby turning the church into a rowdy football picth.

The Elders who stood up from their seats, approach the Resident Pastor in a bid to stop the ordination and were shouting on top of their voices “no, no, no, no”. All these were captured on the numerous television screens around the church.

Pastor Ibup Emma on being harassed by the opposing elders used the Microphone to call on the security forces, DSS to come in and rescue the situation.

This caused majority of the congregation to scamper for safety as some had to leave the church while others stayed to watch events unfold.

Our source said the Elders opposed the ordination as the resident pastor did not get the approval of the church committee.

It would be recalled that the church has been engulfed in irreconcilable differences with name change controversy with a section answering Qua Iboe Church of Nigeria and the other answering Qua Iboe Church, Nigeria with United Evangelical Church as an appendix.
Akwa Ibom State governor, Mr. Udom Emmanuel who is a member of the church, had about a year ago made an effort to broker peace by reconciling Qua Iboe Church of Nigeria and United Evangelical Church into one conference.
The peace which held at government house had leadership of the two conferences in attendance.

The governor had noted that what was perceived as division in thr church was not really a division but a disagreement on the name to be used for evangelism added that they were charting a way forward towards resolving the issue ” .



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