Covered Vehicles Number Plates: AK Lawmakers, Council Chairmen Disobey Police


By Abasiofiok Inyang

Despite recent ban on covered number plates of vehicles and threat to arrest offenders, members of the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly, Council Chairmen, Political appointees, Traditional Rulers and others self-acclaimed senior citizens have flouted the order, thus, daring the State Police Command to carry out the threat of arrest.
It would be recalled that the State Police Commissioner, Adeyemi Ogunjemilusi had a forthnight ago, while having an interactive sessions with members of the State House of Assembly, frowned at the indulgence of covering their vehicle number plates, saying that it could be a ploy to commit crime. He, then ordered the lawmakers to remove nylons used in covering their numbers plates within 24 hours or have their vehicles impounded.
Again, during a security meeting with council chairmen – last week at State Police Headquarters, Ikot Akpan Abia, Ogunjemilusi equally ordered them to uncover their vehicle number plates or have their vehicles impounded. He also directed the council chairmen to obtain permit to have tinted glass vehicles.
Like the lawmakers, the council chairmen, through the State Chairman of ALGON, Frank promised to remove the nylon on the vehicles number plates right there at the Police headquarters.
However, The Sensor investigation shows that the lawmakers, council chairmen, political office holders, paramount rulers and some senior citizens are yet to comply with the ban, thus, daring the police boss to go on with his threat of impounding their vehicles.
The investigation revealed that majority of the lawmakers who attended public functions in Abak last weekend had their vehicle number plates covered. It was also gathered that some lawmakers during their plenary yesterday at the State House of Assembly Complex, had their vehicle number plates covered.
Council chairmen are also yet to comply with the police ban as they still move around Uyo and their local government areas with firmly covered number plates.
One of the aide to a particular council chairman who did not want his name mentioned, told our reporter that the CP’s order is a mere wish and that his boss is not obliged to obey him.
He said that concealing the number plate of his boss vehicle gives him protection from jobless, youth who go around begging for money at any given opportunity. He also said that the recent cases of attack on politicians would expose some of them to danger.
Another aide to a commissioner in the State said to be a super commissioner said that his boss has no business to do with the police ban on covered number plates. He said that “as long as my boss is concerned, the CP cannot carryout the threat. The ban is a mere wish.”



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