AKHA Saga: Udom, Onofiok Instigated Crisis – Says APC


…Udom’s Call For CPs Transfer Unreasonable        
…APC Youths Warn PDP Thugs

The All Progressives Congress (APC) in Akwa Ibom State says attempts by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and Gov Udom Emmanuel to create the impression that APC caused the crisis rocking the House of Assembly is not only false but a weak art that can be easily discovered.
The State Chairman of APC, Mr. Ini Okopido in company of other Party excos and officials made this known during a briefing at the Party House, yesterday.
Okopido noted that it was the Governor, Onofiok Luke and the PDP that were the agressors because they refused to honour a court order restraining Luke from declaring the seats of 5 APC members vacant. 
According to Okopido the Governor instigated the crisis in the House of Assembly in order to divert attention from his poor performance saying “As Obong Victor Attah noted in his latest book, “it is well with my soul” Udom will be the only Governor in the history of Akwa Ibom State that will leave without any structure that can be named after him”.
Okopido who stressed that the problem in the House of Assembly is the reaction to an illegal action by Onofiok Luke instigated by the Governor added that claims by the Governor and PDP State Chairman Obong Paul Ekpo, that the APC wanted to impeach the Governor are not true.
“The APC chairman said “Nobody wants to impeach Governor Emmanuel. Why should anyone waste his time to do that when we know this non-performing and clueless government will be sent away by Akwa Ibom voters on 2nd March, 2019”.
Okopido while explaining that the reason why Barr. Luke hurriedly declared seats of 5 APC lawmakers vacant on the instruction of the Governor is because they want to scare other members from defecting revealing that “if they had not caused the confusion in the House we would have had upto 15 lawmakers now but they should not worry themselves because this will soon happen”.
Urging the Governor to stop interfering with other arms of government, Okopido said, “We warn the Governor that if he continues his act of illegality by instigating crisis in the House of Assembly using thugs, the long arm of the law will catch up with him”.
The call by the Governor and Paul Ekpo for the Commissioner of Police to be redeployed, Okopido said is unreasonable.
“Even primary school pupils know that neither the PDP, APC, Governor of Akwa Ibom State nor House of Assembly has powers to transfer the Commissioner of Police or any policeman for that matter. The Governor can redeploy his Commissioners and Permanent Secretaries, not the Commissioner of Police. So the call for the removal of the CP by Governor Udom and Paul Ekpo is simply an act of irresponsible flippancy” he said.
The APC says it is unfortunate that the Governor expected the new CP to dance to his tunes adding that “we are all watching the new CP who arrived the State barely a week ago. And so far we believe the CP is doing a good job. The APC has absolute confidence in the Commissioner of Police who was posted here only few days ago. We have not seen any form of partisanship in what the CP has done so far. We believe he is a consummate professional. So we trust the CP will do his job creditably”.
The APC decried what it called the continued use of PDP women and youths by Udom as body shield each time the Governor gets himself into self inflicted crisis maintaining that the Governor gets them out in the Street to do what is obviously a mockery of protest.
He said this women and youths lack jobs and instead of the Governor doing all he can to create jobs, pay bursary to students, pay pensioners and give Students scholarship, the Governor is busy distracting attention from his poor performance by constantly sending out women and youths to the Street for political reasons.
The APC also decried the Governor’s continued abuse of its leaders particularly Senator Godswill Akpabio who brought him to power saying the APC takes total exception to it and urged him to stop this action.
Similarly, APC youth groups who paid a solidarity visit to the Chairman, Ini Okopido yesterday warned the PDP not to take their civility as foolishness.
Led by Mr. Anthony Bassey John and Prince Uwem Etim, the youths said it is annoying to see the State Governor descend so low by taking thugs to the House of Assembly and engaging those government said were repentant militants to attack opponents.
According to them the reason they did not go to the House of Assembly is because they believed it was lawmakers affair and wondered why the Governor took thugs to desecrate the Assembly.
They warned that such acts of violence from the PDP will no longer be tolerated in the State.
Responding, the State Chairman, Mr. Ini Okopido thanked the youths for the solidarity and for their patience and peaceful disposition.
He said a report of all that happened had been sent to appropriate authorities for action.

Invasion Of Assembly With Thugs:
DIG Ekpoudom Slams Gov Udom
-Says Gov Cannot Direct IGP To Transfer CP

A retired Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG) Prince Udom Udo Ekpoudom has lambasted the Akwa Ibom state Governor, Deacon Udom Emmanuel for compromising the peace and security of the State by encouraging the activities of thugs who invaded the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly on Monday.
He stated this in a chat with our reporter.
“I have been raising alarm about how a particular chieftain of PDP in my local government has been involved in thugery and now it is clear that it is a policy of the PDP in the State.
How could the Governor go and take-over the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly with thugs and ensure APC lawmakers were harassed. It is simply unbelievable that our State once known for peace and development can suddenly enter the world book of records as a state where those in power now employ thugs to shamefully attack the opposition. It is condemnable that Governor Emmanuel can go down to the extent of taking thugs to the House of Assembly in order to attack APC lawmakers. This action of the Governor, I believe has disappointed every lover of democracy across the world. In fact the governor’s action is a threat to democracy” Ekpoudom stated.
Explaining that in democracy, there are three arms of government, the retired DIG noted that if the House of Assembly has issues, it is the members who should find ways of resolving their problem adding that it is not for the Governor of a State to use State apparatus to go and persecute the opposition in the Assembly.
Reacting to Governor Emmanuel’s allegation that the Police in Akwa Ibom State took side with APC on the day of the crisis at the assembly Ekpoudom said “I want to say that Governor Udom Emmanuel can never succeed in panting the Police in negative light.
The Police both in Nigeria and internationally have acquitted itself as a disciplined, professional force. The Police stationed at the premises of the House of Assembly on that fateful day as far as I am concerned did their job creditably and the Governor cannot lay any blame at their doorsteps. I want to encourage the Police to continue to do their job. We know they are working well.
The Police should not be discouraged by the comments of the Governor or those who don’t love the state”, Ekpoudom stated.
The retired DIG also revealed that he has been informed that Governor Emmanuel recruited retired security personnel from other States to help him win elections adding that this is very unpatriotic.
“I want to say that the Governor does not love this State or how else could anyone explain his action of recruiting retired security personnel from other states to do election for him and pay them millions of Naira. How could he go ahead and bring people from other states to come here and destabilize Akwa Ibom. This is unacceptable. Governor Emmanuel must realize that this State belongs to us and him and he should not bring foreigners to destroy our state” he stated.
On the allegations by the Governor that the Police took sides with the APC on the day he (Udom) invaded the State House of Assembly, Ekpoudom noted that “This allegation is untrue and baseless. What the Police did is to prevent the breakdown of law and order in the State. if the Police were not in the House of Assembly, I can assure you that people would have been killed. So, the Police are doing their correct job.
How can the Police be APC, the Police is neutral. They are doing their job. If the Police were biased, would Governor Emmanuel have the number of Policemen protecting him”, Ekpoudom stated.
On claims by the Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, Barr. Uwemedimo Nwoko that there is a court order barring the Police from further occupation of the Assembly, he said the Police has the constitutional responsibility to protect lives and property in any part of the country where it senses there is likely to be breakdown of law and order saying that no court of competent jurisdiction can therefore give an order to go against such important role. The Police he revealed will not be doing its work if it folds its hands and allow lives to be lost in any circumstance.
The Governor’s insistence that the Commissioner of Police in Akwa Ibom State be redeployed, Ekpoudom said is misplaced.  “No Governor can get any result from demanding the transfer of a Commissioner of Police. The posting of Policemen is the prerogative of the Inspector General of Police along with the Police Service Commission. Therefore, no Governor can dictate to the IGP or Commission who should be posted to a state”, he said.




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