World Environment Day: Beyond Tree Planting Rituals


June 5 every year is marked as the World Environment Day to remind the people on the from all over the world on the need to protect our environment. The day is significant in many ways considering the increasing and wanton destruction of our forest, farmland, ecosystem and aquatic lives and subsequent extinction of plant and animals.Our environment has also been destroyed through oil and gas exploration, pollution and desert encroachment. Research shows that human beings is the major culprit of the environment degradation especially through the emission of poisonous gas into the air, gas flaring, vehicular and industrial activities.

It is common place to see heavy smoke being emitted into the air during gas flaring, bush burning and industrial waste without considering the health implication of such act.Toxic wastes are frequently dumped inside streams and rivers at the detriment of aquatic animals living there.However, while other nations of the world especially the developed country have    taken bold steps I protecting their environment, the third world countries like Nigeria are lagging behind. All we witness every year during the world environment day is the ritual tree planting as if that is the only way that our environment is affected.

We have so much focus on the planting of trees such t hat even the trees so planting will disappear shortly after the exercise. No thanks to the politics of tree planting.One is not saying that planting trees is bad especially as there is growing need fo wood for domestic and industrial use. But a situation whereby more emphasis has been focus on tree planting it not ideal and will never save our environment from depletion.Nigerians must learn the culture of protecting our trees and forest reserves and stop its destruction. As rightly pointed out by the Governor of Adamawa State, Murtala Nyako, “people must stop the wanton destruction of our green forests through indiscriminate felling of trees and bush burning, they should imbibe the habit of planting appropriate trees to check desert encroachment and improve substantially the desired eco-balancing of our environment”But beyond this, there is need to check the continuous Green House Gas emission, deforestation, and pollution to control the danger of global warning that staring on the earth. There must be concerted efforts by everyone to ensure that there is a pollution free environment.

The government must take serious action stopping gas flaring in the country as it has done more harm than good to the inhabitants of these areas. We must no longer pay lip service to the things that concern gas flaring in the country.We must also realize that aquatic animals are gradually dying every day due to oil spillage and other activities by the oil explorers.Above all, there is need to make laws that will give adequate protection to our environment. Through this, les attention will be focused o n the arrival rituals of tree planting. The time to rise up and protect our environment is now!!!



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