Unbelievable! Workers Abandon LG Councils


It is no longer news that staff and political appointees in the local government areas in the State have abandoned their duty post to seek other means of livelihood while caretaker committee chairmen have relocated permanently to Uyo and dictate the running of the council thereof. What, however, that is in the news is the fact that reptiles and weeds have taken over the once bubble council secretariats.

A visit to many of the local government secretariats by our correspondents revealed that some offices are ghost offices while dilapidated structures beg for attention.

Investigations revealed that abandonment of the councils by both staff and political appointees is unconnected to general poor finding and indebtedness to them and contractors.

It was learnt that while the Governor Udom Emmanuel is doing his best to pay workers salaries even when many other state governors are yet to do so, staff in the local government areas in the state are not lucky as some councils owes between two to four months.

Aside the basic salary, other entitlements like leave grant, gratuity are not paid, thus, leaving them not motivated to go to work. Even when they go to work, leaving the council at the mercy of reptiles.

In Abak, Ukanafun, Ikono, Ini, Mbo, Ika, Ibeno, Ibiono Ibom, Mkpat Enin, Oruk Anma local government areas where our correspondents visited, it was observed that grasses have taken over the area.

More pathetic is the case of Ukanafun where dilapidated offices stared at visitors.