Udom’s Performance Impressive, Deserves Second Term – Etido Inyang


Engr Etido Inyang is a man of many parts, a technocrat, astute administrator and alumnus of the prestigious Harvard Business School, Engr Inyang who is the Chairman of Ibom Power Company in this interview with Journalists, speaks on Governor Udom Emmanuel’s leadership of three years running, strides recorded, the need for the governor’s re-election and electricity generation by Ibom Power Company.


Udom Emmanuel In Three Years
Governor Udom Emmanuel is a leader that was prepared to lead the people of Akwa Ibom. As Secretary to the State Government (SSG), he had an insight before he took over the mantle of leadership. As Governor of Akwa Ibom, he is doing extremely well and his focus has been on his agenda and vision for the State. I feel strongly within me that his leadership approach is one of the best. His Dakkada philosophy is to propel the people to rise up and work. The Governor started with his 5-Point Agenda of Job creation, poverty alleviation, political and economic inclusion, infrastructural consolidation and expansion. If you look at the infrastructure, you will notice that the Governor is really giving more attention to it because there was a foundation kick-started by former administrations.

Interms of the road network he is doing that strategically in all the Senatorial Districts and also other internal roads in Uyo.

Most importantly going back to the five point Agenda, the youths are the people that are to work with his Excellency which he did by training and Re-training outside the country. Most of the people he has trained so far have gotten employment within and outside the State. For me, the Dakkada creed has propelled alot of youths to self actualilization of their potential.

The Summary of Governor Udom’s Agenda is industrialisation. You will agree with me that he has been able to revive some industries in the state.

Interms of AKEES, I’m not going to run away from talking about it. The fact is the location of that very company was not good enough. So now they are building a permanent site to move in and then dedicate power supply to that area. Yes, we do still have gaps in the area of skills acquisition which the Governor has decided to take it upon himself.

It’s apt that his Excellency is keeping up to his word for the people of Akwa Ibom by creating enabling environment. To put all of this together without power you cannot achieve it. That is why His Excellency is putting enough money into the power sector.

Second Term For Udom Emmanuel
I am a proponent of second term for Governor Udom Emmanuel. I am preaching the word that Governor Udom Emmanuel should continue for a second term so that he can be able to finish all the laudable projects he is doing. By 2023, I will challenge anybody to come to Akwa Ibom State and see how industries work. This is because when we put all of these things in place, it will be awesome. By 2019, 2020, we will see mega projects come to fruition.

Wherever I go, I preach the fact that people should go and get themselves enrolled for the ongoing Continuous Voters’ Registration (CVR) exercise, those that have registered should go and get their Permanent Voter Card (PVC) so that we can unanimously vote Governor Udom Emmanuel for a second term in 2019.

Power Generation
There are two tiers of power in the industry. One is the generation, which is done by Ibom Power Company. The other involves the Transmission, which is done by TCN, and the distribution, which is done by the Port Harcourt Electricity Distribution Company (PHEDC). So, anything on 123-32 is handled by the distribution company, while all the 330s are handled by the transmission company.
Without power from IPC, Akwa Ibom State will still have electricity but it will not be consistent and enough. So, we are pumping power, 115MGW, to the National grid and due to how it is being ring-out, the distribution company is unable to take out 115MGW and we are limited to about 90MGW. For example, Afaha Ube has 3/60MVA and when the 1/60, which was commissioned recently, went out we had 2/60MVA. This is like a power hub; whatever you pump drops in there. At times TCN is unable to take out the 115MGW and we are limited to 80MGW or 90MGW.
There is a line that is supposed to take power from Ikot Abasi to Aba, which would have reduced the excess power that we are not using; TCN has not fixed it for so many years now. So we are pushing that it be fixed. They are back on track and they have promised that before the end of the year it will be fixed. There is what we called Uyo to Calabar Line that is controled by TCN, which also is ongoing. So, most of the constraints are from the Federal Government.
When you come to distribution, PHEDC is supposed to provide sub-stations at strategic positions to reenergize the power and take it to the end-users, they are not doing that. Looking at transformers, when they go bad PHEDC should replace them, same for cables. But they are not doing that. Now, how is IPC concerned with this? If you look at our objectives, we are providing power and we have been urged to take that power to our own people. What Governor Udom Emmanuel is doing now is that we are going through a process called ‘Power-for-All.’ And when once we are able to get that done, whatever power we pump will remain in Akwa Ibom. How are we affected and why are we not doing what we are supposed to do? The reason is because we do not have enough funds. PHEDC is only remitting 20% to 22% and that is what the federal government is paying us of our invoice. On the other hand, PHEDC is equally blaming federal government for not doing what they are supposed to do. For instance, the policy for the meter was supposed to have been out a long time ago. It just came out and like you can see, they are distributing meters now. About 40,000 meters have been earmarked to go round Akwa Ibom State. So, that is where we are, when it comes to power.

Challenge From APC
On whether we are not frightened by the APC, that is politics. Whatever is being heard, for me, is completely politics and that is how it is being played. The reality is on ground that Akwa Ibom is a PDP State. Akwa Ibom State will vote for Udom Emmanuel in 2019. Akwa Ibom State knows that APC has failed even at the centre. There is nothing wrong for those that have collected money from the APC to go round campaigning for APC, what I don’t like is the pull-down syndrome and the smear campaign they are doing. I want to use this medium to urge us play politics by dwelling on the issues instead of to smear.



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