Transporters Decry Multiple Levies By Govt


Commercial motorcyclists in the state have decried what they described as “multiple taxation” by the Governor Udom Emmanuel’s led government in the state. The cyclists who spoke with our reporter in Abak, weekend, told newsmen that the present government of Udom Emmanuel has empowered every local government area to produce motorcycle emblem, and daily ticket in addition to the state government’s emblem, and noted that this proliferation of emblems and tickets for commercial motorcyclists has amounted to distortion of money from cyclists since they cannot conveniently meet up with the taxation.

The cyclists further disclosed that apart from introducing these multiple taxes the government has also brought out daring criminals in the name of taskforce to rob those cyclists the taskforce members allegedly claim as defaulters of their possessions. The cyclists, however, urged the government to scrape all local government areas’ emblem and daily tickets, noting that Akwa Ibom State is one state, and that there is no reason local government areas should be allowed to produce “visas” for commercial motorcyclists in the state.

In Ikot Ekpene, a motorcyclist name withheld, told our reporter that the local government areas emblems are not meant for only commercial motorcyclists but for every motorcyclist in the state.

The motorcyclist, who said his is a civil servant in Obot Akara, confirmed that the taskforce members mete high level of assault on people they allege as defaulters, and blamed the situation on the present leadership of Governor Udom Emmanuel in the state. The civil servant, while regretting the present recession, argued that government should not proliferate emblems in the state, and maintained that even on official errand to government outside your local government area of operation, one is forced to buy the emblem of the local government area one is sent to, and reasoned that it is extortion to ask one to buy all local government area emblems in the state to be free to move from one local government area to another.









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