Senator Esuene Dumps Labour, Returns to PDP


Former gubernatorial candidate of the Labour Party, Sen Helen Esuene, yesterday, led a handful of opposition members and all her supporters to the PDP in Eket.
This became the high point when the PDP local government campaign train hit Eket Township Stadium on Wednesday as a supposed campaign rally became a carnival of celebration and victory march.
Similar the entire executive members of Ward 2 central and wards excos in other wards also made U-turn to the PDP.
Senator Helen in her speech noted that though she left the PDP for a while to pursue her political ambition in the Labour Party, she is ready to support Governor Udom Emmanuel to succeed in his tenure as governor for two terms
Senator Helen Esuene appreciated the effort of Governor Udom Emmanuel changing the face of the party saying“, I want to thank the movers and shakers the people who have made this party to be what it is, it is now a new improved PDP and all thanks goes to the leaders of this state our able Brother Udom Emmanuel.”
“In Eket Local government we have always been known to be people of our words, we did it for other Governors, we returned them two terms, for Udom Emmanuel his second term is assured.”
She furthered that, “in the short time I was not with you,I was on sabbatical, but I am back , this is a very prophetic coming back because a short while ago PDP lost at the centre but with my return today PDP is going to regain the centre”
Mrs. Esuene extolled to the coordinators of the event and Eket elders for hosting her, saying she was happy to be back to the Peoples Democratic Party which is a real home.
“I want to congratulate all the councillorship candidates and I wish them well, I want to thank the movers and shakers the people who have made this party to be what it is, it is now a new improved PDP and all thanks goes to the leaders of this state our able Brother Udom Emmanuel and his entire team, they are doing a good job, what i want to say is that I’m back, I’m fully back.
“I did not leave PDP, I was on sabbatical leave. I’m happy to be back to where I belong. I’m glad with the achievements of our brother, Governor Udom Emmanuel and the projects he is executing across the state. We will work hard to ensure that he is reelected come 2019 so that he can continue with his good works for the people of Akwa Ibom State.”
Speaking at the occasion, political leader in the area Chief Nduese Essien thanked the party leadership for reforming the party saying that Eket people had a free hand in choosing the chairmanship candidate of the local government.
Chief Essien commended Governor for not interfering with their choice, adding that with the return of Senator Helen Esuene there is no longer any other opposition in Eket local Government
He said that the other people are not after Local Government elections as they want to be Governor , without effecting any leadership at the local government, but added that “we want to treat the Local government election as a rehearsal for the 2019 coming elections.”
“What I am telling Eket people is that they should act as if there is opposition even though there none, let us work at the highest level and make sure that we produce 99.5% of the votes in this election so that when 2019comes and we deliver they will know that we were doing the usual thing”
The State PDP chairman who received the defectors said that election requires mobilization, which was what the party was doing, to enlighten the people.
He praised the Senator Esuene for seeing the need to unite with Governor Udom Emmanuel and coming back to her proper home.
He welcomed all the decampees back to the party and urged the party leadership at the wards level to re-absorb them back into the party.
Others who spoke at the event include the House of Representatives member for the area, Mrs Owoidighe Ekpoattai, the State House of Assembly Member, Mr. David Lawrence among others who confirmed that Eket was on course in one voice for PDP and its candidates in the local government elections.
Women groups, youth groups and cultural groups coloured the event, while various musicians thrilled the people.
Earlier in Esit Eket, Ibeno and Urue Offong Oruko, sveral people who saw no need to waste their time in APC, dumped their brooms to embrace the rejuvenated PDP.



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