School Feeding Programme Fails In AK- Head Teachers Blame Political Patronage By Govt


By Etok Okon

A head teacher of a primary school in Essien Udim local government area has disclosed that the rumoured School Feeding Programme is unsuccessful in most public primary schools in the area as many schools have not seen a food vendor at work since September last year when the current school calendar began in the State.
The Head-Teacher, name withheld, told our correspondent that although the federal government had addressed Nigerians on release of funds for the school project, school teachers in Essien Udim local government area have not seen the programme being carried out in primary schools in the area and queried why children in public primary schools in the area should be exempted from the Federal Government’s benevolence.
Our source wondered why the state government is unable to put the right machineries in place for the effective implementation of the programme
A situation where privileged state government officials have allegedly handed over the procurement of food items to their cronies who in turn sell to vendors at prices above the market prices in order to make profit is unacceptable, our source noted.
The Sensor gathered that a dressed chicken which cost N1,200 in the open market for instance is sold by the middlemen to the vendors at the exorbitant rate of N2,000
‘ It is a shame and a pity that this programme has failed in Akwa Ibom. Indeed it is a well thought out programme that if well implemented as it is the case in some South West states it would have ensured better physical and mental development of Akwa Ibom children. Sadly, they have allowed politics to destroy it” the source noted
Also in Ukanafun local government area, sources informed our reporter that the story was not different as no primary school in the area has obviously witnessed the Federal Government Feeding Programme at Work. A teacher in a primary school in Ikot Akpan Nkuk, the local government headquarters, disclosed that though many schools in the area were shutdown for fear of the “dethroned” terrorist, Isoakpafid, no primary school in Ukanafun is enjoying the Federal Government Programme.
In Uruan local government area, our source revealed that the programme was a sham maintaining that since the State Government appointed middle men to take part in the procurement of the food items which they now sell to vendors at more expensive rates, the programme was bound to fail



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