PPP: AK Govt Approves 100% Control For Investors-Says it will check coys collapse


The Senior Special Assistant on Bureau of Technical Matters and Due Process, Akwa Ibom State, Elder Ufot Ebong has assured that the fears that the current investment in industry by the Governor Udom Emmanuel’s Administration may go the way of other factories which failed in the state were misplaced

He stated this recently while answering questions posed by journalists at the Akwa Prime Hatchery, Mbiaya Uruan when he and the Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Mr Charles Udoh led journalists on a tour of the Hatchery

He revealed that the hatchery like other industries the government was establishing will not be directly managed by government representatives, rather it will be run by the investors while government will only be given dividends for its equity participation

He said that as a result, there can be no case of the Akwa Prime Hatchery failing adding that “the investor is running this business with the plan to expand it. All they do is to pay to government a percentage accruing from its equity.

So there should be no fear that corruption will bring down any of the industries being built by the Udom’s administration”.

He revealed that when the governor and his team took over the hatchery in 2015, it was overgrown with weeds saying that in 3 months the right investor was found and the place is now functional.

According to him, government has equity participation for providing the land, buildings and other materials restating that government had no hand in running it but the investors were managing it.

Meanwhile the General Manager of the Akwa Prime Hatchery, built by the Akwa Ibom State Government but managed by foreign investors, Dr. Yakubu Bala has said that the Hatchery will achieve 20,000day old chicks per day production by the middle of March.

Yakubu while showing journalists round the farm said the farm is making progress, having successfully set up the breeder farm, parent stock, layers, broilers, hatchery and processing factory where mature chicken are dressed and packaged for onward sale to distributors, saying that so far the day-old chicks and meat from the farm are in high demand.

He said that with the commitment of the Ethiopian investors, next year, the farm will successfully achieve its targets of 230,000 day old chicks per day

According to him over 93% of the staff on the farm are from Akwa Ibom State, adding that the farm is reducing unemployment in the state.

On the value chain of the hatchery, Dr. Bala said the droppings of birds provide manure for the tomato sector of the state maintaining that “the best part of the deal on this farm is that farmers who do business with us can actually process their birds and have no problem with selling them because we actually have a buy-back plan which we deploy to take up whatever is left in the farmers’ hands.

There is also the feed-mill we are successfully operating. We dress, package and properly preserve the meat which is sold to the consuming public”

Reacting to the development on the farm, Commissioner for information and Strategy, Mr. Charles Udoh said the achievements of the Akwa Prime hatchery clearly shows that Governor Udom Emmanuel is not playing politics with industrialization in the state.

He said that if the government could achieve what is on ground at the farm despite the recession, then the people should support the governor to do more for the state.



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