Power Outage: Akwa Ibom Youths Shutdown Seven Energy… Describe Violation Of MoU As Criminal


Hundreds of aggrieved youths, yesterday, embarked on a peaceful protest against the inhuman and deplorable services of Seven Energy to the Akwa Ibom State Government and its people.
The protest, which started at about 5.a.m, subsequently led to total closure of all entrances leading to the company by the youths.
Some of the placards carried by the youths had inscriptions like “Gas is all we need;” “Government come to our help;” “Give gas to the turbine;” “We say no to blackout;” “Seven Energy release Gas to Ibom Power Plant” among others.
Speaking to newsmen, one of the protesters who simply described himself as Ifiok and a member of the Ikot Abasi Chapter of National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN), accused Accugas, a subsidiary of Seven Energy, of being insensitive to the plights of the people of the state.
Another youth leader, Edwin, lamented that the power situation due to cut off of gas supply to Ibom Power Company by Accugas has affected many businesses, adding that it was “ unfortunate for the Accugas/Seven Energy to be collecting money for services not rendered.”
“Enough is enough. The Akwa Ibom State of today is far different of that of yesterday. Imagine Accuas/Seven Energy who signed a contract in 2009 with the state government when the gas price was $0.40 but now ranges from $3.30 to $7.0. The state government in good faith subsidized the gas price at that time by $1.60 for ten years of gas at 43MBTU a day for a total of $2.0 a unit of gas quantity. Now that gas is valued at $3.30 to $7.0 a unit. It is not fair and equitable for Accugas/Seven Energy to even think of terminating such a contract or walk away after using the infrastructure of the Akwa Ibom to sale the gas to customers in other States,” he stressed.
According to them, the action of Accugas/Seven Energy was contrary to the recent understanding reached at a meeting with the state government and the frantic efforts of the management of Ibom Power to ensure a sustainable solution after several months of discussions and activities.
A stakeholder from the area told our reporter that Agguas/Seven Energy, since 2009, have received over $61million from Akwa Ibom State Government and in return have given the state only about $40 million worth of gas since January 2014, maintaining that “the Government and  its people have not benefitted from the contract signed with Accugas/Seven Energy.”
It was also discovered that the debt for the gas used at the plant is owed at the Federal level with the knowledge of the Ministry Power and Ministry Petroleum Resources on the indebtedness situation.
Further investigation revealed that instead of Accugas/Seven Energy working with Ibom Power to pursue immediate payment of these debts, they decided to hold the Government and people of the state to ransom by abusing the good intentions of the state which provided the initial payment, guaranteed.



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