Pension Crisis: Udom Lied, Owes Us 12 Months – 2015, 2016 Retired Primary School Teachers


“You can quote me anywhere. If you see any civil servant in Akwa Ibom State who says he has not received his pension, find out whether the person was a worker. Because as of today, 1st May, 2018, we have cleared all pensions to the last person”.
Above was contained in the words of the State Governor, Mr. Udom Emmanuel while addressing workers on the May Day Workers Celebration.
Udom who was reacting to insinuations that Government was still owing backlog of pensions due to workers in the State stated categorically that government was only owing gratuities and not pension.
“Let me start from the old ones to the new ones. We have cleared all pensions to date, we are clearing gratuities. Soon the issue of gratuities will be over” Udom stated.
However in a clear disagreement to the statements of the governor, teachers who retired in 2015 and 2016 have stated in clear terms that the governor is not sincere in his comments even in describing them as not being workers.
Some of the 2015 and 2016 retired teachers who aired their disappointment over the comments of Mr. Udom described the comment as being very inhumane, unjust and lacking conscience to their plight even after they have served their State meritoriously and therefore deserve their due entitlements.
Some of them who tendered to our reporter their bank print-out showed that pension for July 2015 to April 2016 was omitted for those who retired on 1st July 2015 while pension for July and August 2016 was not paid for teachers who retired on 1st July 2016 bringing to twelve months of non-payment of pension.
The retired civil servants while expressing their anger at the governor said that the governor describing them as not being workers was an insult to their collective responsibilities.
According to Mr. Effiong Bassey who retired in 2015, “I retired on the 1st of July 2015 and as you can see on this FCMB print-out, my pension from July up to April 2016 was not paid. However government started paying my pension from May 2016. How then can the governor describe me as not being a worker.
He should redirect such statements or the wrath of God will be melted out on him. I deserve my due wages. How can he claim and tell the whole world that he has paid all pension when he hasn’t. my pension is my right and not a privilege. I am not a politician who earn fat wages, my little wage should be paid to me”
Also speaking, Mr. Iquo Edem said she was alarmed at the comments credited to the governor. “I am surprised. This is not the first time he is making such wild and spurious allegations. So I was not a worker?
This is my first appointment letter and also my letter approving for my retirement. I retired on the 1st July 2015 and as you can also see in this print-out from my bank (shows our reporter a bank statement), my pension for July 2015 to April 2016 was skipped.
Government began paying my pension from May 2016. I know politicians are fond of lying and this is the height of it. I am using this medium to call on them to go back to their records and cross-check and make provision to clear our back-log of pensions. I was a worker and not a ghost”
Mr. Mfon Ebienang who retired on 1st July 2016 while speaking to our reporter said the governor should act as a Deacon which he is and not bank on falsehood. “I retired on the 1st of July 2016 and my pension for July and August 2016 was not paid. On workers day celebration, we were shocked to hear the governor stamp his foot that he is owing no civil servant pension.
This is very worrisome. Look at my print-out it clearly shows non-payment for two months. I am very sad. They earn bogus sums, our little money should be paid to us so we can take care of ourselves and family”.
Other pensioners who also aired their views called on the governor to call his commissioner’s of the relevant ministries to cross check their books again with the view to paying back-log of their pensions.



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