Nung Ukim-Ikono Road: Ituen Tasks Contractor To Beat Timeline


As part of their oversight function, the very active committee on Works and Transport on 23rd Jan, visited Nung Ukim – Ikono road construction and Ikot Ibritam- Ikot Akpan Afaha road construction project which is a 19km road construction that starts from Ikot Ibritam in Oruk Anam to Ikot Akpan Afaha in Ukanafun and handled by Almajdal Limited while Nung Ukim – Ikono is a 4km construction handled by HENSEK!

The team led by the Chairman, Prince Idong Ituen and two other members, Mr. Otobong Akpan and Mr. Idongesit Ntekpere were impressed with the speed and quality of job done by HENSEK and advised that they put in more effort to deliver the job before the rains sets in.

Speaking, the MD of HENSEK Engr. Uwem Okoko said that his company is poised to deliver good and quality jobs to the people. He said that as part of their effort to give qualitative jobs, he has increased the width of the road by 1.5 on both sides making it 10.3 as against the original 7.3 and that the extra cost will be borne by HENSEK.

Engr Okoko said that as part of their social responsibilities, they will ‘rebuild’ the town hall and renovate some class rooms. He also said that the job will be completed by March nd ready for delivery.

The Committee members were not as impressed with the Ikot Ibritam – Ikot Akpan Afaha road construction as they met just graded road despite the realise of funds to the company since November. When the Chairman Idongesit Ituen enquired about the slow nature of the project, the site director of Almajdal said the villagers are insisting that compensations be paid first to them before any of the economic crops can be uprooted. The youth leader who was also at the scene corroborated the story.

To put the matter straight so that work can start in earnest, the member representing Ikot Ekpene /Obot Akara, Mr. Idongesit Ntekpere put a call through to the Clan Head. On his arrival, the Clan Head was adviced to call his people to order so that work can start as the economic trees has already been valued and compensations will be paid when govt have enough funds for that.

Responding, the Clan Head of Oruk Anam , Obong Engr Johnson Jonny Obosi said that he had already spoken with his people and that it is actually in the hands of the contractors, that they can start work anytime they wish.

The Committee Chairman Idong Ituen said the committee will visit again to make sure that work has actually started and that the said company can actually handle the job!