Ms Akwa Ibom USA Advocates Youth Career Development


The winner of the Miss Akwa Ibom, USA, Miss Essie Ndem has advocated for career development as a panacea for self reliance for youth in the State.
Miss Ndem who emerged victorious after the very challenging pageant noted that while the dream of being crowned a beauty queen has been a long standing one, she will use her position to launch initiatives towards energizing the youth in academics and personal development, through hosting seminars, essay competitions,  and variety shows. “I plan to expand these ideas and more to as many schools and Institutions in Akwa Ibom State  as possible” she enthused.
While speaking to newsmen after the event Miss Ndem said “I feel very blessed to be crowned 2017 Miss Akwa Ibom USA.  It’s been a long standing dream of mine for years . Winning this pageant is a testament that all things are possible with God. The art of pageantry is a test of how well you can conduct yourself under immense pressure . It’s not necessarily about your opponent but the courage to push yourself to perform at high quality levels . It’s not simply a beauty pageant in terms of superficial standards but allowing beauty to radiate from within.  Its a test of the mind,  intellect, and character .  I encourage girls, boys,  women and men to experience pageants . It’s an eye opening, self assessing experience”.
While noting that her platform is not only limited to career development for the youth alone added that she would expand to other areas even as she has been prior to winning Miss Akwa Ibom USA, championing competitions for schools in Nsit Atai where she hails from.
She used the occasion to thank God for actualizing here desires and her parents for their unwavering love and support while also thanking organizers of AKISAN  for the platform.
Announcing Miss Essie Ndem as the winner of Miss Akwa Ibom USA, Ima Jackson , Chief Pageant Coordinator and President of AKISAN  Daytona Beach Chapter, tasked her to use her position to affect the lives of youth in Akwa Ibom State.



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