LG Election: Opposition Party Tasks AKISIEC On Fairness


As part of preparations for the much awaiting Local Government Elections, the Akwa Ibom State branch of the People’s Redemption Party, (PRP) has called on Akwa Ibom State Electoral Commission (AKISEC) to correct whatever abnormalities that had been happening in previous elections as to ensure free and fair exercise in the state.

In a brief interaction with journalists last weekend at the Party Secretariat, Uyo, the State Chairman of the party, Rev. Aniebiet Emmanuel asserted that there is need to ensure transparency and credibility during the election process which according to him would help to maintain and sustain the existing peace and Unity among the people of the State.

The Party Boss who expressed hope that the much anticipated election which before now generated palpable tension and serious confusion among the people of the State would soon takes place, noted that the party was very much happy with the Governor for his readiness to conduct the election and for keeping to his words.

In his voice “the issue of non conduct of the election started since last year and people were criticising and attacking the Governor for improper constitution of Local Government system, but he kept on promising that he would conduct the election. We, as a party thanks God he has kept to his words. We are happy. We prepares so much for the election. The Governor has said that Political parties should file credible candidates who would be able to manage the affairs of a respective local government of the state. That means the Governor meant what he said. If he didn’t want to conduct the election, he wouldn’t have said that. So, I thank him for that and PRP is everly ready for the election.”

He further said “we are advising the present management of AKISEC to correct whatever abnormalities that had happened in the previous elections and make sure the election exercise is free and fair. Even the Governor has told them that he wants a very transparent and credible election. This is the first time a Governor of this State telling it Agency control by his government to conduct a peaceful and transparent election. So, they have to adhere to the instructions of the Governor so that we can have a better society for the people of Akwa Ibom State.”

Rev Emmanuel, who is also the State Director, Media and Publicity of Conference of Nigerian Political Parties (CNPP) used the opportunity to condemned the incessant attack of the Governor over non conduct of the said election, saying that those attacking the Governor over the issue are jokers.

“Is it now that we would be attacking the Governor for not conducting election? Why didn’t you said that earlier? The Governor has promised to conduct LG Election, let’s allow him. He is our Governor irrespective of political parties, we have to support him. Let’s stop attacking him, and if you want to criticise him, let it be constructively.

On the issue of the welfare of the people of the State, the Party Boss said that the present situation in the state doesn’t need much infrastructures but human empower especially now that the economy of the country is not favourable to the people.

He frown over a situation were the little resources coming in to the state is being used in funding foreign contractors of projects that would not be benefited to the people now except maybe in the next 5 to 10 years.

Here him; “the welfare of the people of the State is Paramount. If we spent our little resources on infrastructures and the people are dying of hunger, who would benefit from those infrastructures? The current situation in our society does not need much infrastructures but human employment because most of the projects would be handled by foreign contractors and at the end of the day, the resources is going back to the foreign land and the our people would only benefited from such projects after like 5 to 10 years and poverty would still continue in our land. Meanwhile, if we used the little resources to develop ourselves and empower our people to go small scale businesses, it would go a long way to reduce the level of poverty in our land especially now economy of the country is not friendly with the people.” He noted.

He maintained that the party is open to everyone who want to join as PRP has put up a structure and as well positioned the party in a way that is benefited to everyone including the rejected, poor and the aged.

He admonished members to the continue in their support to the party and abide by the rules and regulations of the party in order to achieve it set goals as the party is ready to takes over government soon.