EDITORIAL: FG Failure To Provide Fuel


It is no longer news that Nigerians are passing through difficult times. No thanks to the collapse of world economy and the over dependence on oil as sole source of income which the price has fallen drastically.

The worrying issue is that as our oil is in low demand at the international market, the petroleum products especial premium motor spirit (PMS) popularly called petrol is in short supply even when we have the crude product in much abundance.

Many reasons have been given on why the country finds itself in the present situation as leaders never planned for time like this when there was oil boom and more money accruing to government.

However, the coming of President Muhammadu Buhari,brought a renewed hope as he promised to not just diversity the economy to better the lives of Nigerians but ensure that our refineries work, atleast to produce petroleum products for local consumption.

Unfortunately, eleven months after, the refineries are not working, they still import petroleum product even at higher price despite the fact that our crude oil is not selling at the international market. The result is the monumental suffering that the masses are facing today.

While we commend the President for his efforts to fight corruption and recover stolen money from those who mismanaged the economy and brought us to where we are today, we must say that the high cost of petrol which invariably determined the price of other commodities including farm produce, has made nonsense of the war against corruption.

We therefore urged the Federal Government to take a serious measure to end the current fuel scarcity that has brought untold hardship to ordinary Nigerian. The Government must end the blame game and focus on how to fix our refineries at to produce the product for local consumption. The endless promise of making the product available should be translated into action.

Again, the government should do everything possible to flush out shylock marketers whose only aim is to maximize profit at the expense of the poor masse. This critical sector is not something that government should play politics with like the budget making petrol and other petroleum products available to the masses at an affordable price will go a long way to reduce drastically the current suffering in the land of abundance.

Moreover, while we charge President Buhari and his government to urgently check the activities of the cabals who are paid billions of Naira for fuel import that is not available for the people, we also him to settle the fuel crisis once and for all. The President and his government should not betray the confidence reposed on him as it would amount to failure of his administration.