EASTER: AK CAN Calls For Spiritual Revival, Repentance


As Christians in Akwa Ibom State join other faithfuls across the world to celebrate this year’s Easter, the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Akwa Ibom State chapter has enjoined Christ’s followers to seek spiritual revival and truly repent of evil. The state CAN chairman, Rev. Dr. Ndueso Ekwere gave the message while speaking on the significance of the season, recently.

Rev. Ekwere, who described Easter as not only a Christian observance but the most important event in Christendom, maintained that the season is ultimately meant to commemorate the suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, for the redemption of mankind: “Like we read in the bible, we see Jesus Christ being tried from one place to another, being accused falsely by people, being made to carry His cross up to the point of crucifixion, and so on. Eventually, He died for our sake, to save us from sin.

“Easter too, is a time of solemn reflection on the life of Jesus, our Redeemer. It should make us to have an attitude that reflects our Christian faith. Having noticed that Christ took our burdens, troubles and pains upon Himself, we must show gratitude and reciprocate same by strivng towards righteousness. If Christ did not die, what would have been our fate? There wouldn’t have been any remission of sin. It is only those whose sins are remitted that can go to heaven, and the ultimate goal of every Christian is to make heaven. That’s why Easter is the most important event in Christendom, since it restored mankind back to God through Christ’s death.”

The State CAN Chairman also called on Christians to learn from the humility of Jesus Christ, who was meek even onto death, adding that doing so will show prove of true Christian identity.

His words, “As we celebrate this Easter, let us emulate the humility of our saviour, Jesus Christ. He was very humble even onto death. This is really a time for us to forsake all forms of evil, shun crime and other acts that are inimical to our collective growth and existence. We should let go of offences and grudges we may have had against people. This is necessary in order for genuine peace and happiness to dwell among us.

“Jesus Christ who is the only way to God the father had come and died for us. Let us now make efforts to repent from sin, and look unto God alone who is able to bring good fortune to His people. When we allow the lessons of the season to guide our affairs, it will surely be well with us. I pray that the grace of God together with the peace that accompanies this Easter shall prevail upon us, in our state and nation at large.”