Don’t Force Us Into Biafra-Rights Crusader Tells Agitators


“They should not try to force the agitation of States in the south-south part of the country to be part of the country they want. They have a right to agitate to be a nation but they should not try to bring in Akwa Ibom because they have not sought the consent of the Akwa Ibom people”

The above comment was made by the Chairman Civil Society/Human Rights Coalition, Comrade Ifot Nathaniel Ifot while reacting to the recent supposedly annexing Akwa Ibom State in the Biafran map.

While noting that he is yet to hear of any consultation anywhere between Akwa Ibom and the Ibos where an agreement was reached, the rights activist said that the Ibos reserve no such rights to create such nation and draft Akw Ibom into it.

“They don’t have any locus staudi to site down somewhere and begin to create this nation for  themselves and try to annex south States into Biafra”.

He described their intentions as ill-perceived which he noted is why they even lost the war, adding that the present situation would only generate ethnic and political tension.

“People are calling for change, is this part of the change that we are trying to experience in the governance project? People have suffered so much that no ethnic enclave should come up now and create social tension and crises capable of engulfing the entire nation, setting the whole place on fire and setting people to run helter skelter”

“if they want a country, they should concentrate within the south eastern states, they should not bring Akwa Ibom into it”.

Comrade Ifot who is a former board member of ethical and attitudinal commission noted that their trying to force people to fall for their beliefs amounts to violating human rights describing it as the some thing applicable to what Boko Haram tried to do. “Government should assure and re-assure the Akwa Ibom public that they are not part of the Biafra plot” Ifot enthused.



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