COE Alumni Crisis: Provost Snubs Education Commissioner


The recent failed attempt by the Provost, Akwa Ibom State College of Education, Afaha Nsit, Prof. Matthew Ekpo to impose the executive of the College Alumni Association on its members has taken another dimension with the provost allegedly snubbing the State Commissioner for Education, Prof. Victor Inoka who had intervened to ensure that peace returns to the Association.
The Sensor gathered that the provost had attempted to impose his preferred executive of the Association on members, an action that failed as members succeeded in electing their leadership with its president as Pastor Etukikpong Bassey.
It was further gathered that following the resistance of the Association, the provost wrote a memo to the Bursary Department asking it to stop collection of alumni dues.
However, the Association took the case to the Ministry of Education and the issue was amicably resolved on April 5, 2018 as a result of the intervention of the Commissioner and the Management of the Institution in which the Provost and the Registrar were in attendance.
Still trying to have his way, the Provost shunned all the decision reached at the meeting and moved steps forward to frustrate the Association even as the Commissioner for Education had earlier urged him to detach himself from the Association activities.
It was also gathered that the Governing Council set up a panel to look into the misunderstanding in the emergence of the new leadership of the association but rather than wait for the report, the Provost allegedly snubbed the Council and hastily took a decision that could fuel further crisis in the Institution.
The Provost, it was learnt, has boasted that he is a more senior provost to the Education Commissioner, an action that has attracted with condemnation from members of the public.
It would be recalled that Prof. Ekpo is the 6th Provost of the College and the Alumni Association has being in existence for about two decades and has been conducting the election of the executive in accordance with the provisions of the constitution guiding part of the association’s regulation is to conduct election at a place that is secured, a situation that the present executive did under the watch of management and security operatives.
When contacted, the Provost of the College said that the leadership crisis is in court. He said, “that case is in court, thank you.”