Buhari: 3 Years Of Fighting Corruption To Uplift Masses


Since independence, military and democratic governments, have had their promises to the people around infrastructure development and promises of industrialization.

Yet, 58 years after, a lot of water has gone under the bridge concerning these promises. Roads across Nigeria, were still in terrible shape. Industrialization has been a dream unrealized. In fact, industrialization is far from being achieved because the factors required, such as electricity, railway, air transportation etc. were in bad shape.

The education, agriculture and health sectors have been bastardized due to corruption in high places.

Nigeria was run aground due to corruption by past leaders. Corruption was obviously exalted in every activity and system of Nigeria.

But on May 29, 2015, president Muhammadu Buhari upon his swearing-in, clearly told Nigerians that human beings were more important than all the infrastructure in the world.

True, infrastructure development is very key to social and economic development but the life of one Nigerian according to the President is worth more than all the infrastructure put together.

The president did not disappoint as he followed the All Prograsive Congress (APC) well constructed manifesto.

Corruption which is the cankerworm that was eating and killing the entire system in Nigeria was President Buhari’s first point of attack. So, for the first time in Nigeria the people saw a leader who wanted every single penny, stolen from the treasury returned. Nigerians saw how senior military officers, top politicians were investigated and billions of Naira retrieved. In fact, some of those who were suspected to have corruptly enriched themselves are still standing trial.

Properties acquired by former government officials through corrupt means whether at home or abroad have been retrieved.

The Sensor congratulates President Buhari on this account and challenge the opposition Peoples Democratic Party to do a self re-examination of the way it has conducted its business with a view to also becoming more sensitive to corruption and make a promise to fight it. It is on record that since President Buhari took over the reins of leadership he has never shyed away from openness in the way government transaction is conducted.

The degrading of the insurgent Boko Haram and other similar groups and the release of some Chibok Girls is another plus for President Buhari.

The North East and other parts of Nigeria were under siege for a long time until President Buhari led a robust warfare against them through the military chiefs and today the people of the North East are free from destruction of lives and property, Buhari is also entrenching democratic values across the length and breadth of the country. We have witnessed a commitment to strong electoral values by the APC. Gone are the days when the President just sat in Abuja and decided who will be the next governor. President Buhari insists that every vote will count and that has become the standard.

The human face of the Buhari Presidency as well can be seen in the care applied to school children. For the first time in Nigeria, the Federal Government rolled out a programme to feed pupils in schools across Nigeria. Nobody would have thought that is possible but today it is history where State Governors are fully cooperating with the federal officers.

The Conditional Cash Transfer in which over 40,000 poor Nigerian families are benefiting from is another signature programme of the federal government which has changed a lot lives. These poor families not only receive money but its members are assisted to acquire skills to which they could apply the funds they received.

The Sensor celebrates the President for turning around the agricultural sector, so Nigerians are witnessing for the first time real investments in the agricultural sector that produce results which put food on the table of Nigerians. The rice and cassava revolution have all led to the production of rice and Nigerians now eat what they produce, which is the way to conserve the foreign currencies hitherto used to import food.

The Buhari Presidency like no other has paid more than a passing attention to the healthcare needs of the people by ensuring that areas where there are no primary healthcare facilities, get one urgently. There have been huge investments in the health sector to turn around the dilapidation that existed in the Sector. Electricity, roads, rail and other infrastructure are receiving adequate budgetary provision and those bad roads in all parts of the country are being fixed.

Indeed, if the President and APC have achieved these feats and more, there is hope that the Buhari’s Presidency is what Nigeria has been wanting for to kick-start the era of industrialization and growth.



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