Biometric Exercise: AK Govt Stops Teachers’ Salaries…We ‘re Dying – Victims


Primary school teachers in the state who were omitted in the bio-metric data capturing exercise have sent a Save Our Soul message to the state governor, Mr. Udom Gabriel Emmanuel to come to their aid as they are dying of starvation and health challenges.
The teachers numbering over three hundred according to research have not been paid their entitlements for over one year six months now.

Some of the affected teachers who spoke to our correspondent noted that they have over the time sought for avenues to meet those concerned with capturing, but have always been told that they should be patient and that they have continued to be patient till now to their detriment.

One of the teachers who spoke to our correspondent disclosed that she had retired from service four months ago and that she was yet to receive her salary for over one year six months.

The teacher who gave her name simply as Iquo said that she is at loss where to source money to pay her rent which will expire in the next three weeks even when it is also difficult for her to eat with her five children for at least once a day.

“Yesterday, they were celebrating at the stadium after spending several millions for the event, yet we are here dying of hunger and starvation. They have no conscience and don’t care about how we fare. Why is it taking them this long to capture us? They are denying us our rights. The governor, Mr. Udom Emmanuel should also look in this direction so that we will not die and leave our money”.

Another affected teacher, Mrs. Grace Udofia said that she is yet to come to terms with the attitude of government on the matter. “We were invited three months ago by the office of the Head of Civil Service to assemble at the Governor’s Office Annex and we were told that a day will be set for us to be captured. It is over three months ago and we have not heard from them. They don’t care what happens to us. Nobody takes the issue of teacher’s welfare serious. They are not interested whether we are alive or not”.

Others who also aired their views said that there was nothing for them to celebrate about n the 28th anniversary of the state as they have been suffering for over one year six months without any salary. They called for an immediate intervention by the state governor into their plight which they desired as deteriorating.