Recovered Loots: First One Year Comedy


By UbongAbasi Ise

“Everything we hear is an option, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth” – Marcus Aurelius


Looking at most of Nigeria’s top leaders since 1999, I can say with absolute certitude that they share the same trait of having utter disregard to people’s rational standing and dignity. Perhaps they are taking Nigerian people for the animals they are dealing with: the man from Ota treated Nigerians more or less the same way he has been treating those chickens at Ota farms; Otuoke man, a Ph.D holder in Zoology, was managing us just like zoo animals he was trained to keep. Now we have a Daura man, a cattle rearer, who is wielding a big stick to drive us to any direction only God can predict.

For the past one year, Nigeria under President Muhammadu Buhari has focused its national energies on a single all-consuming fight against corruption. For a year now Nigerians have kept faith in a single-minded pursuit aimed at ridding the country of age-long corruption that not only stunt the growth of our economy but also incriminate our collective identity. After Buhari’s victory at March 28, 2015 polls, the good citizens of Federal Republic of Nigeria expected the incoming, incorruptible president’s effort in dealing with corruption to be a sharp contrast from the past attempts. It was inconceivable that a character, as resolute as Buhari, would yield to the forces of corruption. His body language alone was a palpable signal that, before a year of his tenure elapse, all forms of corruption would be incinerated. Given all the promises, we were all basked in the mellifluous sound of APC campaign. But at the end of one year, all APC government could muster is just a meaningless list that contain set of figures that can only provide those involved in coupon and lotto some clues to win games for two weeks.

Based on the look of things, what makes us think that APC-led government would make a difference from PDP’s 16 years of misgovernance where our senses were assumed to be at the same level with creatures other than humans? Crusades against corruption are not new to Nigerians. For example, when the Obasanjo administration, on the platform of PDP, came on board in 1999, one of the cardinal policies of government promised to the people was that, it would wage a relentless war against corruption. Obasanjo said there would be no sacred cows, and no stone would be left unturned to rid the country of the menace of corruption. But all that followed were melodramatic events of corruption, even to the present. Since 1999 the fight against corruption has not only been a lip service, but it has also been unduly politicized. As Buhari APC-led government assumed control last year, we expected something akin to Jerry Rawlings’s ‘house-cleaning exercise’ coupled with howling wind of change, but today it is as business as usual.

In the first one year, all we were experiencing was the use of EFCC to deal with perceived political enemies. The fight against corruption has so far been one-sided, or lopsided. Nigerians are bewildered that Buhari could fail in his promise to expose corrupt elements in the country.   Failure in naming the country’s treasury looters after one year indicates that President Buhari is boggled and cowered by the forces of corruption and therefore ingratiated himself with Nigerians by only presenting a concocted half-truth list, thus compromising with his integrity with probable attempt to shield the thieves who had raped our country’s economy to stupor.

APC government has mendaciously reneged from the promises they made to Nigerians. Is it not the APC that promised Nigerians 720, 000 jobs yearly with 20,000 slots going for each state of the federation? Instead of employment, it is retrenchment here and there. Although the ever-mendacious Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, had recently pointed out to Nigerians a sector where job opportunities are abound. The APC government is planning to create 1,000 jobs per week by getting people to become masquerade dressers. Those masquerade need 100 people to dress them, and another 100 to undress them. If every Nigerian community organizes a masquerade festival every week, all this fuss about unemployment would stop. What a comical approach?

It is high time for APC government to stop talking and show working. It is time to end blaming the opposition as if they are still campaigning for another elections. Already one year in the life of this administration has irretrievably gone forever, no significant achievement. Very soon, four years are over. There is no rope to tie down time.


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