Can Akpabio Anoint Successor?


It is believed by the accusers of Governor Godswill Akpabio that his removal of the former SSG Obong Okon Umana and the appointment of Mr. Udom Emmanuel as the new SSG is the governor ways of preparing  him (Udom) for the plum job in the Hilltop Mansion come 2015. They also say good for Akpabio to further confuse the public that Udom is not close confident to his excellency that in his joking manner he always relate the SSG as a cousin to the former SSG, Umana Umana and they to further project the claim that Udom Emmanuel was nominated by Umana to Akpabio, all this is to dim the idea that Akpabio has an interest in Udom come 2015.

In another quarter, there is the talk that the new SSG is an inlaw to the Akpabio’s family and that is the reason Governor Akpabio while trying to justify Mr. Udom Emmanuel appointment to the PDP state caucus said that he has been persuading him (Udom) to accept the appointment in the last six months, the accusers added. This school of thought also posited that Udom Emmanuel is Akpabio’s inlaw. To buttress their claim, they said that Udom’s wife Martha is from Sampson Udo Idiongs family, the late paramount ruler of Oruk Anam and the mother who is late was from Ikot Ekpene Federal Constituency, they validly inferred from the above that Mr. Udom is really Akpabio’s son-inlaw.The camp frowned seriously and said, if Akpabio tries to impose Udom on the State, (Akpabio) will not do well to the state. They placed their judgment on how Akpabio became the governor today. In another development, at a town hall meeting they claimed that the Akpabios vowed to maintain political power of the state in Ukana Ikot Ntuen at all cost, and to further hold firmly to their philosophy called “The Akpabio Dynasty” even when Akpabio will be out of office in 2015. The accusers also outlined the politics Akpabios family wants to work out come 2015.

According to them Akpabio’s family has tactfully attached its prominent family members to all the aspirants for the position of governorship in the state so that whoever wins come 2015, the Akpabio’s dynasty will still be relevant in the political corridor of the state. They also claimed that the Akpabios systematically want to bring in somebody who is politically inexperienced, financially imbalanced and administratively immatured with the view of providing for him everything including appointment lists, they also said that this scheming is also to allow Ukana to be a seat of administration of the stooge (Governor) come 2015.They also described Ukana as Okija strange where people swore to an oath for political offices. As if all these accusations were not enough, they went on that governor Akpabio is also fooling aspirants from Oro nations that he would handover power to one of their sons. Political gossips who also made this assertions to further heat up the system said that Akpabio would never make any mistake to transit power to the Oro aspirants as against the “political owners” of the state (the Ibibios). They strongly believed that Godswill will allow Godswill to be done on Ibibio son who is from Eket Senatorial District and not Ibibio son of Uyo extraction. On the Umana Umana face off with the governor, pundits believed that the duo are playing hide and seek game on the people of the state, that Umana and Akpabio had sworn to an oath, and nothing in heaven or on earth will change their terms and conditions of the oath taking. Lastly, he is accused that the presidency has already packaged somebody, that Akpabio has already anointed and is awaiting swearing-in come 2015.The Facts:These facts are to strictly compare with the fictions, if found weak, the political  watchers and accusers in the state would be thrown overboard. On the issue of ouster of Umana Umana and the placement of Udom Emmanuel as the new SSG; the fundamental questions a reasonable or a sane person would intelligently ask would have been; is the position of SSG appointed by the governor? And if the governor appoints SSG, can he also fire him or any political appointee at any point in time? The answer is in affirmative that the governor has the right to hire and to fire anybody on appointment.

The blatant accusation of Akpabio bringing in Udom Emmanuel as SSG in view of paving way for him to become the governor and the issue of Udom Emmanuel as Akpabio’s in-law: The issue is, if Udom is Akapbio’s inlaw and the so called inlaw is from Eket senatorial district which we have settled that the zoning system swings to the area, can’t Akpabio, if he has his way empower whoever he brings in learn the politics of the state? Is that why Akpabio is accused by his political enemies. The Akpabios family was accused of maintaining their Dynasty in the government house. The fact remains that Akpabios family is only one family in Akwa Ibom when it comes to politics; let the accusers remember that politics is a game of number and it is practically impossible for one family to decide singlehandedly for forty million people in the state. One may remember that Akpabio in one of his outings stated categorically that everybody in the state will join hands to produce governor come 2015.This means that producing the state governor is not a one man show, and the rumour that Governor Godswill will produce the governor against the popular will of the state is practically impossible, Attah could not do it and we know that a tree cannot make a forest in Akwa Ibom, it could be in another state but not here. On the allegation that Ukana is the Okija shrine of Akwa Ibom doesn’t sound true.

You see when Akpabio started his campaign in 2006, he used “let God’s will be done in Akwa Ibom as his slogan and it was so. In 2011 he heightened the slogan by saying “Let God’s will be done again in Akwa Ibom and it was done. One may ask, is it possible for one to serve God and mammon? Or can godly beliefs be mixed with superstitions beliefs? So Ukana which Akpabio comes from cannot be Okija shrine as speculated by his appointments. Furthermore, the fraternity of Akpabio and the Ibibio politicians and the promise of Akpabio to the Oro nations and the oath taking of Umana Umana and Akpabio only time will tell