2019: Nigeria Need Leaders With Integrity – Arch Nya-Etok


For those seeking political or effective offices in 2019, one thing they have to consider and take it seriously is that the general election will not be business as usual.

This is because there is plan for paradigm shift in the way and manner those seeking such offices will emerge. Such people must have character and capacity to lead. Thanks to the emergence of Nigeria First Project, NFP, a non-partisan organization with the aim and mission to ensure that only selfless persons with desire and ability to take the country to the next level through good governance will emerge.

NFP, a brain child of architect–turned astute politician, Arch. Ezekiel Nya-Etok is out to give human face to governance no matter the political platform those seeking political offices will emerge

Speaking in Uyo on Friday concerning the emergence of NFP, Arch. Nya-Etok, a founder and former National Chairman of Young Democratic Party, YDP, while giving an insight on NFP, said that the organization has five pillars as standards set up for those nursing the ambition to contest in 2019 general election whether as a state assembly member, governor, national assembly member or president.

He said that the pillars include, integrity which involve character, ethics and values; capacity which involve intellects and physique to lead; and charisma to lead.

He noted that previous leaders hardly consider these strong pillars, thus, the inability for them to provide good governance. This, he said necessitated the emergence of NFP to give a new direction on the good governance project in the country.

Arch. Etok who himself has had vast experience in the politics of Nigeria said that without integrity, capacity and charisma by the leaders in position of authority, the country will still be moving in a snail pace in terms of development even when it should not be so.

The astute politician said that good government does not just happen but it is as a result of sacrifice.

On thee emergence of NFP, Arch-Etok said that it is to “ensure that Nigerians are well educated and adequately informed to choose those that have what it takes to lead them, that is, integrity, capacity and charisma” with these qualities, we noted, money will no longer be the rules and determinant of the game. He also added the emergence of mega party as being rumored in some quarters is not a solution to the current poor leadership witnessed in the country.

While urging Nigerians irrespective of political affiliations to embrace NFP, Arch. Etok said that the organization will soon embark on national mobilization to ensure that 2019 general election is not only a success but that those that will emerge will have what it takes to bring the country out of the current woos.



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