2019 Elections: Thuggery, Election Rigging Will Fail…Says DIG Ekpoudom (Rtd)…Debunks Scheming For Dep Gov Slot


A retired Deputy Inspector General of Police, Prince Udom Udo Ekpoudom has declared that in the 2019 elections, it won’t be business as usual for politicians who over the years have destroyed all known values of democracy by recruiting youths to terrorize the electorate, hijack election materials and impose candidates.

He stated this while addressing the press in his office on Wednesday to debunk allegations that he is struggling for the Akwa Ibom deputy governorship slot in 2019.

The retired police chief while saying the allegation that he is scheming for Moses Ekpo’s job is cheap blackmail sponsored by those in his local government that have been afraid of him maintained that “there is a particular man in my local government who was in government but is out now that has been so afraid of me since I retired and came back home. So in 2015, he led the group which blackmailed me and told the former governor, Chief Godswill Akpabio that I wanted to contest as Senator with him. The idea was that I was close to former Gov. Akpabio and they wanted to destroy the relationship. This man succeeded though, but that blackmail took nothing away from me. I am still surviving. It is blackmail specialists that are always sad and they remain frustrated.

According to Ekpoudom, light is taking over Etim Ekpo and every attempt by darkness to contest with light will fail.

“there is no doubt that today in Etim Ekpo there are two camps. There are politicians led by one man who represents the old order. They don’t allow democracy to thrive. They recruit our youths into cults, purchase arms and ammunition for them and the boys engage in thuggery, hijacking of election materials during election and then at the end, the election results will be manipulated for a member of the gang.

But we now have in Etim Ekpo a set of politicians that are intellectuals, who believe in democracy, development of the land and its people and they made me the Father of Modern Politics. Those of us who represent modern politics won’t vote for thugs, we won’t encourage thuggery, murder, and kidnapping. Having served as Commissioner of Police in 7 states of Nigeria and helped to bring sanity to their politics, I accepted the responsibility to be Father of Modern Politics in             Etim Ekpo  to restore sanity to my local government where an individual wants to be in charge of everything” he explained.

He warned that the old method of thugery and hijacking of election materials will not work in 2019 adding that “Those who stand for modern politics in Etim Ekpo have decided that every vote must count. Those with popular vote will win the elections”

The retired DIG also said any person contesting for an office in 2019 that thinks the politicians in Etim Ekpo who engage in hijacking election materials will give them victory are going to certainly lose because votes must count.

While commending majority of youths in Etim Ekpo for opting to follow the path of peace and progress by supporting him as the Father of Modern Politics, he warned few of them that still believe they could violate the electorate and hijack election materials to give up the plan or be ready to go to jail along with their sponsors.

Maintaining that he won’t be deterred by the blackmail and cheap lies such as him struggling to be deputy governor in 2019, Ekpoudom said “it became necessary for me to make it clear that I am not struggling for the post of deputy governor or any position for that matter in 2019 because those blackmailing me have made it a duty to publish it every week. I am very busy, doing what I decided to do since I returned home. I came back home to create jobs for our youths. It is when one of the persons that have been consistently mentioned along with me as desiring to be deputy governor begins to scheme for it that they will find a way to blackmail me. That man has taken every step to be deputy governor and so he might be the one struggling for it, not me.

I am an entrepreneur, creating jobs but this man blackmailing me is known to our people, his jobs is to make money with our name, then build houses and own properties abroad. In fact, I believe one major reason they are blackmailing me is because I am different. I create jobs for my people and develop my people”so they always find ways to spoil my name” he stated




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